Adrenal Glands and Avoiding Inflammation with Diet and Enzymes, Vitamin, and Mineral Support

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD discusses the importance of supporting the adrenal glands, and finding optimal ways to nourish the body and immune system to avoid inflammation, a process that enables chronic disease.

Certain factors are important in reducing adrenal fatigue and stress. The adrenals are a buffer zone to stress, and are important in addressing this. Avoid refined sugars and flours, and consume more foods that burn slowly. 

Focus on complex carbohydrates, fiber-rich vegetables and the not-so-sweet fruits such as green apples and berries. Adrenal-friendly foods and eating frequently is important. Otherwise, you can experience blood sugar dips in the body, which will potentially cause great harm to the adrenals and bring your body into more of a state of inflammation.

When you push your body, you are putting stress on your adrenals. The adrenals are the gland that deal with the inflammatory effect within the body. And you want to reduce inflammation. If you are continually inflamed, and you go out and push yourself again, you are going to have a hard time to recover. And you will have a hard time performing at the desired level.

The pH level in your body is also important to remain at an optimal level. If your pH level is too acidic and you continue to eat a high quantity of meat and refined carbohydrates, your body cannot recover from inflammation and chronic disease. So, make sure you are consuming various different vegetables with good high quality enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and also are very alkaline. This is a winning combination and you are working hard and want favorable results.

Other aspects that are crucial to look at are enzymes. Enzymes are known as the workers of the body. Enzymes are available in raw food, but are also available as a supplement in enzymatic products. Enzymes repair tissue and reduce inflammation, and support immunity. Whenever you push your body, your immune system will become weaker and you will fall further into an inflammatory state. By supplying lots of enzymes into your system, you will reduce the impact and can recover much more quickly.

Then, there are vitamins and minerals, which are co-factors. These building blocks are critical for repairing tissue. So if you are just pushing yourself and and you want your muscles to grow and for them to become stronger, you will need to supply building materials. Otherwise you are continually breaking down your body instead of having the anabolic effect (where the body is repairing itself).

Also consider different glands in the body: when you are sleeping, it is important to obtain deep sleep. To ensure deep sleep, you will need a completely dark and quiet environment. Otherwise your pituitary gland will be unable to kick in and produce the human growth hormone that is needed to repair tissue and build muscles.

Photo by Marc Szeglat on Unsplash. 

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