Biomat for Lyme Disease, Cancer and Other Causes of Chronic Inflammation with Janis Garrett, RN

If you have been diagnosed with Lyme, cancer, and other chronic or auto-immune disease, you may benefit from hearing this discussion with Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD and Janis Garrett, RN, owner of JES Organics and advocate / educator of the biomat, a powerful tool for healing the body. 

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD: With me I have Janis Garrett, RN, she's a registered nurse. She's also owner of JES Organics, an amazing skin care line and so many other natural health products that it offers. One of the amazing tools that you have and we also carry in our office is Biomat. Tell me a little about Biomat. What is it?

Janis Garrett, RN: The Biomat for me, is a miracle. It's amazing. I first discovered it when I went to a clinic. What I noticed when I laid on it 30 minutes a day at this clinic was I got pain relief, and it put me into a deep state of relaxation.

Dr. K: So you were dealing with pain?

JG: From chronic Lyme disease and many bulging discs in the spine, and arthritis, and inflammation and degeneration.

Dr. K: So it was like a life-saver for you then.

JG: It was amazing, and at that time I just knew it helped me feel better, I didn't know anything about it. But since then I've learned so much know. It has really decreased my Lyme, and I feel has really contributed to putting me into remission.  I also was able to sleep for the first time in as long as I could remember. I had Lyme since I was a child, and I never could sleep.

Dr. K: That is huge. Just being able to sleep, that allows the body to regenerate, and repair. So that's huge.

JG: For me, I thought that when I got it, that's what it was going to do: relieve my insomnia. But it has been so much more life-changing. You probably know because I'm your patient, that I'm not very consistent about things, correct?

Dr. K: That is true.

JG: So, what I can say, which is huge. I used the biomat everyday since 2012, without fail. I couldn't live without it. That's how much of an impact it is has had on my life.

Dr. K: And so in other areas other than the pain and sleeping, what other things have you noticed? And also what other things have you seen? Because a lot your clients have been using biomat.

JG: Right. I actually have helped quite a few people across the U.S. with the biomat. I came up with the protocol with the scientist, the owner of the Richway Biomat Company. Because a lot of people out there sell biomats but they don't understand diseases like Lyme and cancer. So they sell it, and then you're on your way and you don't really know how to use it correctly.

Dr. K: So there are actually specific protocols for Lyme and cancer, using the biomat?

JG: That's correct. And if you don't use it correctly you can go into herxine or detox symptoms. People who are chronically ill are in pain, and certainly don't want to feel worse.

Dr. K: No.

JG: So I've come up with a protocol where they can feel better from the beginning, and not go into that worse state. But just to give you a couple of examples of people I have helped: people with Lyme disease often have very sub-normal body temperatures, as you know, and frequently low white blood count. Their temperature returns to normal for the first time in years.

Dr. K: That is huge, from being on the biomat. If you don't have an immune system, obviously, you can't fight off an infection.

JG: Exactly. And then in addition to that, my line numbers came down steadily, very quickly, just kept decreasing, in a matter of months, as I continued to use the biomat. So my quality of life went from hopelessness and feeling like, I didn't know how I could survive and live the rest of my life with the lack of quality that I had to, to feeling, "Wow, I can sleep, I can get instant pain relief." The pain relief is within about 10 minutes on the biomat.

Dr. K: That's amazing. A little bit later on the show we're going to actually show the biomat. So thank you very much!

Using a Biomat to Heal From Chronic Inflammation with David Dehaas

Photo by Mark Basarab on Unsplash.

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