Canned Food Benefits Against Starvation, But Not Optimal Health

Dr. Karlfeldt, ND, PhD tells us why fresh, whole, real foods are superior for optimal health versus canned and processed foods, and explains why those products were originally developed. 

The only chemical difference between soil and human beings is that the chemical elements in our bodies are structured in a more highly evolved order, than in the way they are found in the topsoil on earth. 

Plants take up the chemical elements dissolved by the moisture in the earth's soil. Their minute root hairs draw water particles containing the exact chemical elements necessary to manufacture a parsley stem, a spinach leaf or a strawberry. It has been estimated that the combined total length of the roots of one oat plant would equal 3 thousand miles. Think of the amount of nutrition that type of plant will draw from the soil. 

Likewise, the alfalfa plant has massive roots for its size, traveling as deep as 250 feet into the earth, to draw up all of its needed nutrients. As a result, the alfalfa plant will supply a huge amount of minerals needed for our health.

The more fresh, unprocessed food we eat and the lower on the ecological food chain we eat, the better chance we have of maintaining our health and guarding against disease. When we eat right, we build strong, healthy bodies. But when our diets are defective and our lifestyles are degenerative, we tear down our bodies by destroying vital tissues.

The body changes according to what we eat. It will mold to the salad that we are eating, or it will also mold itself to junk foods. The body does the best it can with the foods we give it.  

The good news is: when we change our diets to a proper, balanced way of eating, our whole body changes with it. When we boil foods, preserve them, or process them, we are taking away from their natural food value. They are no longer foods; those who depend on these kinds of empty food should be aware that these products were never intended to provide optimum nutrition. They were actually developed as a stop-gap to stave off death by starvation.

Food canning was 19th century French scientist's response to Napoleon's order to find a way for French armies to carry food. When enemy armies burned fields and food as they retreated, French soldiers faced death by starvation. The advent of canned foods allowed soldiers to eat when no live food was available. Canned foods were used to deter starvation, but these products ultimately have little role in the achievement of optimal health.

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