Healing Foods

The Many Benefits of Carrots and Carrot Juice

Discover the health benefits of carrots and carrot juice in this discussion with Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD on a plant containing beta-carotene (which the body converts to Vitamin A or retinol), anti-oxidants and other nutrients to aid in recovery and prevention of numerous chronic he Read more

Health Benefits of Cilantro

Cilantro, a spicy, aromatic herb is a favorite in ethnic foods and cooking, and has a variety of medicinal benefits including detoxification of heavy metals, digestive tract support, and antibiotic and anti-fungal properties for infections and immune boosting power. Learn more about this Read more

The Benefits of Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and provides the building blocks for hair, skin, nails, joints, bones, ligaments and tendons. Without collagen, various body systems are compromised. In the aging process, collagen production can slow down and the resu Read more

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