Demonstration of Herbal Remedies: Direct Resonance Testing

Vibrational medicine is a powerful, new frontier to assist healing in the body. We can use sound and light, and also herbal medicine. All of these contain a certain vibration that is specific to that substance. When you ingest that herb - milk thistle as one example - adds those nutrients or vibrations, to correct imbalances that create illness in the body.

Milk thistle is a beneficial herb for liver disorders. By using muscle testing or applied kinesiology to test this herb against the liver, we can use it with something known as direct resonance - a technique that uses two similar vibrations that come close to each other to create a relaxation response in the body. When a substance corresponds to a specific organ or body region, the muscle being tested will yield to the pressure exerted against it.

Milk thistle can prompt the liver to go into relaxation because the vibrations of these two substances are similar. Milk thistle correlates with with the liver, and can allow relaxation to support optimal liver function.

Ashwagandha is another herb we can experiment with to determine what organ most closely corresponds. This herb resonates with the thyroid, and is well-known to support function of this significant hormone organ. If we test some other areas, such as the adrenal glands, this herb doesn't seem to resonate with Ashwagandha. However, we have learned that the thyroid is very responsive to it.

Using licorice, we can do a scan over the body, and find that moving this herb over the adrenal glands demonstrates this substance as effective for rebuilding these sensitive organs. The vibrations, then, of the adrenals are congruent with this herb.

Gotu kola is a herb used to boost brain function. Elephants are known to eat the leaves of this herb in their natural diet, and this is one reason why their memory is believed to be so strong. So when we test Gotu kola over the brain area while pressing on the arm of the client, the muscle testing response is stronger (the client's arm will yield to exerted pressure).

This is one of a variety of useful, natural methods for determining effectiveness of herbs that correspond to various body regions for healing.

Photo by Lisa Hobbs on Unsplash. 

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