EDTA Chelation Therapy Successfully Treats Heart Disease

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt discusses the use of EDTA chelation therapy as a successful means to treat heart disease

In heart disease, the coronary arteries narrowed by deposit of a waxy substance called plaque.  As this plaque builds over time, it blocks deliverance of oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the tissues of the heart. It can lead to angina and heart attack, which is experienced as pain, caused by not enough oxygen carrying blood to the heart. When blood flow is not restored quickly, the part of the heart that is affected begins to die. Without swift treatment, heart failure can lead to death or other serious issues.

Intravenous chelation therapy has been shown to be very effective in treating heart disease, and delivers nutrients and also a chemical known as EDTA, which is known to bind to deadly metals such as cadium and lead. EDTA can safely remove these metals via the kidneys. It is still unclear through what mechanism chelation therapy assists in removal of the plaque.

From the testimonial of one patient: he was using 5-6 nitro glycerine sprays daily to relieve angina pain. After his 10th treatment, he is pain-free and no longer needs further intervention. He can now walk his dog and feels great.

Photo by Jair Lazaro on Unsplash. 

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