Gerson Cancer Therapy

What is Gerson Therapy? This complex regimen was developed in 1938 by Max Gerson, a German Physician who immigrated to the U.S., for treating cancer. There is a center in Mexico where people can go to receive treatment. 

Here is an outline of the protocol, each item being used multiple times daily:

  • Vitamins and minerals to support the body
  • Coffee enemas - used rectally - are another method used to support the body in cancer recovery, sometimes up to 6 times per day. It is a white coffee, designed specifically for coffee enemas. A stainless steel bucket is used to hold the coffee, and the tubing is created specially, avoiding use of plastics (PVC) which can contribute to further toxicity in the body.
  • Crude liver extract
  • Pancreatic enzymes
  • Preparation of fresh, homemade juices from fruits and vegetables
  • Consumption of an organic, real food diet

Tumors are a symptom of a diseased body. Gerson therapy is rooted in the belief that cancer is the disease of the whole organism and the tumor is a symptom of a diseased body. Several damaging factors are believed to be the cause of the cancer. The goal is to bring the body back to a normal, natural equilibrium. 

Cancer patients have experienced markedly degenerated conditions in the organs, especially the liver, which is one of the largest detoxification organs in the body. When the liver can no longer deal with the overload or build-up of toxins in the body, it becomes degenerative to a point where the disease state was diagnosed and visible.

Gerson believed that chemotherapy creates an even more deteriorated environment as it introduces even more toxic substances, entering into the bloodstream and impacting the liver's ability to remove those to keep the body healthy. 

His protocol focuses heavily on supporting the liver and maintaining healthy liver function, and helping to clear out the toxins that contribute to the development of cancer. The liver can become progressively over-burdened when removing these toxins, and coffee enemas aid in the process of removing these substances to enable healing. 

Although the program is fairly intense, there has been a great amount of success when applied correctly toward healing the body from the presence of cancer and conditions that contribute to it.

Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash. 

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