Healthy Food, Supplements & Vitamins Impact on Chronic Disease

In the growing industry of nutritional supplements, 11.5 billion dollars were spent on nutritional supplements in 2016. The year of 2017 is expected to increase to 15+ billion in sales. More people recognize the importance of nutrition, and especially with regard to the food we are eating. Packaged and processed foods such as pizza, ice cream, donuts, Diet Pepsi and chips are not more healthy for us simply because we look for "fat-free" and "sugar-free" because of marketing. We believe a healthy metabolism just "happens" by accident and that the other working systems in our bodies aren't connected nor have any impact on whether or not we are well. Our bodies are like cars that run on the right type of gas, as well as use of proper coolants, the right kind of oil, and proper maintenance; we need real nutrients from real food.

Correcting nutritional deficiencies with drugs, and correcting physical symptoms and disease caused by the nutritional deficiency with surgery makes no sense and doesn't actually address the root of the problem. When we cut out organs and poison our bodies under the notion that these activities are cheaper and because they are covered by insurance policies, as well as consume cheap, processed food products, we actually drive up the cost of health care in the U.S. and contribute to the state of bankruptcy in our system.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about nutritional balance and supplements in relation to your health concerns.

Photo by Peter Roberts, Jr. on Unsplash

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