"Light Medicine" and Using Laser Energetics to Heal the Body

Have you ever heard of laser technology to promote recovery for chronic health issues caused by nutrient-deficiencies, toxin overload, and even cancer? Dr. Michael Karlfeldt explains briefly how "light medicine" can be used safely and quickly to encourage the body to use its resources for natural healing. 

There's much more to the body than meets the eye. It is an intricate piece of machinery. Our bodies aren't different than any other physical matter. If we look deep enough, we are mostly vibrations in space. Changing these vibrations will alter our physical composition and physiology.

It is my belief that frequency and light medicine is the new frontier.

Using a laser to transmit information about an infectious agent, toxin, food, cancer cells, and also information about a vitamin, hormone or neurotransmitter will inform the body about the imbalances and activate innate intelligence within to promote healing.

Naturopathic Medicine Demonstration of Laser Energetic Detox

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Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash. 

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