Live Blood Analysis Assessment of Lyme Disease and Other Infections

In this video, Dr. Karlfeldt identifies elements present in live blood droplets which contribute to Lyme Disease, parasites, fungus and bacteria in chronic infections and disease. 

In the first slide, we see a blood drop as viewed under a microscope. In the blood drop, red blood cells are visible. Healthy blood cells are supposed to be round and uniform, but these blood cells appear somewhat un-uniform. Spirochetes, which can appear worm-like, spew out chemicals that create inflammation in the blood vessel. In response, the body creates cholesterol to protect and soothe the blood vessel.

There are a variety of different pathogens and also parasites; organisms that appear to be "floating" and moving around, and which possess flagella, which also cause the body to produce cholesterol. These pathogenic organisms create "biofilms" to protect themselves from the immune system's response. This creates an environment where the immune system cannot mount a response to even detect or attack these organisms.

In the next slide, we are looking at a dry sample to see how the blood coagulates. Areas that appear as "bubbles" are an indicator of cardiovascular stress. 

White "speckles" shows oxidative stress to create inflammation, which weakens the blood vessels. Dark areas are indicative of parasites that create more stress and chronic inflammation in the body.

Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash. 

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