Raw Foods and Pain Management

Do you experience chronic pain, reduction in movement, and other chronic health issues? In many cases, these symptoms are indicators of chronic inflammation in the body from toxicity. When the body becomes too toxic, a number of different symptoms and illnesses can appear. Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD talks about how to reverse this cycle with a natural diet high in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes which are critical for recovery. 

A toxic body is more likely to be in pain. Every day we are exposed to toxins in our environment. It is our bodies' job to eliminate them as quickly as possible so they don't accumulate in tissues.

If our eliminatory system becomes overburdened, the more toxins we accumulate, causing inflammation. It becomes like a vicious cycle -  the more toxins we accumulate, the less likely the body is to eliminate those toxins. Last, but not least, tissue needs building blocks to repair. 

These building blocks are the nutrients we get from the foods we eat. If we eat a nutrient-poor diet including regular consumption of junk foods in most meals - and void of life fruits such as fruits, vegetables and whole grain - we will lack building blocks needed to build, maintain and repair tissue.

To clarify: when I talk about fruits or vegetables, I'm not talking about canned vegetables or fruits which are likely to contain the least amount of nutrients. Frozen is semi-okay, but the optimal form of fruits and vegetables would be raw. For a person dealing with chronic pain, I strongly recommend a diet consisting of 85%+ of raw fruits and vegetables.

Additional nutrients in raw produce are enzymes. Enzymes are destroyed by heat, so consuming raw produce allows the body to retain vitamins, minerals and enzymes. While vitamins and minerals are building blocks, they also perform together with enzymes when they are performing their duties. Enzymes are considered the workers of the body, and are the ones that repair tissue. Without enzymes, the tissue remains in a chronically inflamed state and cannot recover from disease or illness.

Photo by muammerokumus on Flickr.

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