Slowing Down, Reducing Stress, and Giving Your Body the Nutrition it Needs for Health

Have you or someone you love experienced chronic disease? Have your efforts to improve those conditions seemed to go nowhere?

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD briefly talks about how healing from disease involves more than taking pills; it's about slowing ourselves down, improving our diets, and requires a fundamental mind shift change that has a measurable impact on the way we live our daily lives, with some additional resources for more information.

Living healthy is more of a mindset, and it's that mind shift that we need to have in order to change our lifestyle. 

We need to relax, slow down, breathe, and instead of going for quick fixes that are used in the conventional medical arena where we just take a pill that is supposed to eliminate all our symptoms, and we will feel better. 

Or, if we are hungry and need something quick, so we just pop something convenient in our mouths because we don't have time to prepare something of substance that gives our bodies something nutritious and healthy.

If we would slow down, we wouldn't have to compensate later with all the chronic health issues we are facing such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and others.

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Photo by Mary Copley on Unsplash.

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